Optical Designers

We have close ties with world-class optical designers that specialize in Zemax simulation and lens specification for high volume production.

PCB Layout

Pacific Design in Rancho Bernardo, CA has been our go-to for board layout for over 6 years. They are one of the only shops we could find that could keep up with us.

Data Scientists

When the need arises for detailed system modeling and scientific analysis, we have partners that can get the work done efficiently without us having to keep the resources on staff.

Machine Shops

After 10+ years of building systems in the San Diego area, we know our way around the local, and not so local, shops.

Packaging Design

A system doesn't do anyone any good if it breaks when you ship it. We know the experts that can get your gear around the world safely.

Shake and Vibe Testing

We have spent more time than anyone should ever have to at various mil-spec shake and vibe facilities.

Mechanical Designers

In addition to our staff mechanical engineer, we work with a few other designers when the need arises.

Flight Testing Services

Fly early and fly often. The San Diego sensor flying community makes it easy to get payloads out of the lab and into the field.

PCB Fabrication/Assembly

We know the right shop for the job. Big or small. Fast or slow. Simple or crazy.

EMI Testing

Finding labs to do UL and CE compliance testing or mil-spec hardware testing is harder than one would expect. Especially ones with availability.

Thermal Testing

In addition to our in-house capabilities, we have a few favorite facilities that accommodating to the testing we usually require.

Web Applications

To bolster our already strong web applications ability, we have a team of consultants we like to bring in that specialize in some of the more esoteric corners of the web apps world and it is good to get their help occasionally.

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