The core members of our team have been together as far back as 2003 at Science and Engineering Associates (later Apogen Technologies and QinetiQ North America). Over the years, we have accumulated talented individuals with strong technical skills and developed the ability work well together. This tightly knit team is the group responsible for the design of the PirateEye Camera Detection systems developed for the movie industry. This team developed the proprietary camera, processing system and gimbal design from end to end.

As a design consulting group, we have operated on a part-time basis on and off for over 10 years. Most of our customers have been individuals and companies we worked with along the way that were unable to find engineers that could reliably provide the functionality they were used to. Our goal is to combine the experiences gained in designing and deploying PirateEye systems with our prior line of work in airborne applications and sensor development.

Core Competencies

  • High Speed Circuit Design
    ARM Processors (Microcontrollers and Embedded Linux), FPGAs, CMOS/CCD imagers and Digital Video Transmission.
  • Power Supply Design
    Multi-rail power, Quiet Power for Analog, Power Up Control, Power-Over-Ethernet (POE).
  • Cutting Edge Web Applications
    REST API creation, API Mashups, Interactive Mapping Interfaces, Offline Location Based Web Services, Secure Customer Portals.
  • Module System Software Design
    JSON RPC communications, Socket Proxy, Multi-layer Messaging, Web-based Process Management
  • Embedded System Firmware
    Serial Communications (RS-232/422, I2C, SPI, OneWire, etc), TCP/IP Communications, Bluetooth, Motor Control, High Power LED Control, Actuator Control, High Speed Sensor Interfaces.

Areas of Specialty

  • Web-based Hardware Control
    Designing point-of-use only Windows client software is so 2003. We have implemented numerous systems that employ the full spectrum from web to wire. Online or offline, we can help you control, organize, visualize and interact with your sensor data in a modern web browser.
  • Aerial, Medical, and Security Imaging Systems
    Industrial and Scientific imaging technologies have changed a lot over the last 10 years. We have grown right along with these advances and know the best technology to use for any application. Whether you are designing a UAV payload or taking sub-surface skin imagery, similar principles and system needs apply. We know cameras.
  • Mapping Technologies
    From iOS mobile applications to offline mapping services, we have been combining GPS and inertial measurement technologies with the latest in interactive map display technologies as long as anyone out there. Our experience with GIS, data collection, collection area planning, route planning, area of interest definition, image registration, georeferencing and data recall allow us to add new capabilities to any system.
  • System Integration
    We build stuff. Whether we have to make it ourselves or utilize COTS hardware, if someone gives us a pile of parts and a mission, we can provide the missing pieces to get it done. Web? Software? Mechanical? Electrical? It doesn’t matter. We work accurately, efficiently and quickly.