Code to current. Web to wire.

510labs is a technical consulting services company with a 10+ year history of helping their clients overcome obstacles and create better products. Our wide range of technical expertise allows us to provide quality, end-to-end solutions that span optical, mechanical, electrical, software, and web disciplines. We specialize in putting hardware on the Internet.


Our multi-disciplinary team has the experience needed to take your product from the drawing board to production. Our focus is on linking sensors to flexible web interfaces and databases that can be used locally or world-wide.

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Case Studies

510labs has designed systems and system components for a number of clients. Each successful design gave us new insights along the way that can be applied to new problems.

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With our years of experience as part of the greater San Diego engineering community, we have formed long lasting relationships that allow us to get things done on-time and on-budget.

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Client Portals

Log in to see up to date timekeeping, statements of work, contracts, specifications, design documents and shared code products.

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Who are these guys? Find out.

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